Orange Gift Pack
23 Kasım 2017
Thyme Gift Pack
23 Kasım 2017

Spirit Gift Pack

Spirit is a handmade aromatheraphy soap. Designed by soapmaster and aromatherapist Cumali BORA. He combined Ottoman soap making methods and aromatherapy in Spirit…
Serenity of cinnamon, relax and peace of orange. It’s a true love… A perfect cleansing, refreshing for your skin and soul. Wet your body and hair. Put the soap on and make it foamy. Wait the foam on 2-3 minutes. Than wash and clean. Do it twice. Ingridients:olive oil,orange oil,cinnamon and others..
Let the true love comes into your bathroom.

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Aromatherapy is a practice which is used with purpose of physical but mostly psychological well-being. An aromatherapy soap is for so.