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23 Kasım 2017
Olive Soap
23 Kasım 2017

Taurus Wind Soap

Taurus wind is a handmade aromatheraphy soap. Designed by soapmaster and aromatherapist Cumali BORA. He combined otoman soap making methods and aromatherapy in Taurus wind.
Taurus wind contains rich and selected aromas of herbs,leaves and roots from Taurus forests. A perfect cleansing and refreshing for your skin and soul.Wet your body and hair. Put thesoap on andmake it foamy. Waitthefoam on 2-3 minutes. Than wash and clean. Do it twice. Ingridients:olive oil,juniper oil,orange oil,cistus extract,pomegranate extract and others..
Bring the Taurus in to your bathroom and enjoy it.

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Aromatherapy is a practice which is used with purpose of physical but mostly psychological well-being. An aromatherapysoap is for so.